Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wednesday WIP

It's already Wednesday again and time for an update. Be sure to stop by Lee's to see more WIP's. It's my favorite surfing of the week - I get so inspirered :)

Mostly I worked on the circles quilt. I've made 3 out of 4 squares by now (the pattern is a baby quilt - I'm making mine bigger and are doing 6x6 circles).

It fast, fun and gives instant satisfaction. Unfortunately I need to get some more grey background before I can finish it. The piece I have left is 10 cm too short.

 Also made some Christmas presents this week - bags, bags and more bags  :)

On Saturday I had the first day in my new quilting group. Mostly we will be working on our own projects but once in a while we'll all do a small project to learn new techniques. To kick off this season we did a little bird.

We were asked to go to the scrap pile and pick out colors to a bird. Then we had to cut tiny (really tiny)pieces of the fabric and place it to show a wing. Houndres of small pieces I tell you. Finally we covered the whole thing with some kind of medical plactic, which we quilted over with tiny freemotion circles. We then cut the bird and placed it in water which dissolved the plastic. After the bird had dried we added it to a background, which by the way also is my very first attemt to freemotion quilt ever. It's fun... al lot more fun than I thought it would be. Need to practise still though.

It's kind of funny because I don't like this technique very much and would propably never use it in a big project but yet I went away with some HUGE learnings. About colors. About free motion quilting. I will definately keep the little birde over my desk as a good reminder :) 

Last thing I worked on this week was finishing up one more embroidery for the Christmas quilt

I have a stack of Heirloom waiting for me to finish up some of the above projects. Finally found a good pattern that will showcase the prints and I can't wait to get started on it. It's a pattern for a Pendant Quilt that Joel Dewberry made for a previous line of fabric.

Summing up this rather un-productive week in numers:

Worked On Circles quilt
New techniques 'Birdie'
Christmas Quilt

What I couldn't find time for this week
Kaffe Fasset's hexagons

What I'm itching to get started on
The pendant quilt by Joel Drewberry
A stripes /triangle quilt like this one using leftovers
A turn over applique project from the book From Little things by Sarah Fielke


  1. It looks like you've been very productive! I love the whimsy of your bird. I'm sorry to leave this publicly but did you know you are a "no reply" blogger. When you leave a comment on my blog I can't reply. Just wanted you to know. I appreciate your visits and comments on my blog.

  2. Very pretty circles! And doesn't that suck, when you are almost done and then you can't finish because of 10 cm?

  3. I'm curious how your circle quilt was to make - fabric glue is used to keep the pieces down? Looks interesting....and the bird project - is the plastic to keep the fabric bits in place while you secure them with quilting?? So they are kind of 'raggedy' on the bird? You made alot of progress!

  4. Hey, that bird is really cool.

  5. You have got so much going on! I love those bags - makes me feel a bit behind...I have so many Christmas Presents to get on too! Maybe you'll motivate me to get that done sooner rather than later!

  6. Oh yes, I hate it when I'm working and singing and then I'm out of ...
    I was out of thread on a Monday morning when I was free motion quilting.
    The shop didn't open till Tuesday at one.
    I love those circles from the Moda Bake Shop: instant satisfaction.
    I'm currently working on an asterisk quilt but after that one I have to finish a my red/yellow quilt. It's made of strips in very much the same technique as in you book, which I will return this week.
    Thanks for borrowing!

  7. Oh I love the circles quilt! Very unique and it looks just lovely. :)

  8. I haven't tried that technique you used on the bird. I really like the idea on trying it on something as small as a wing just to see if I enjoy it or not.

    I have a question though. . . what method do you use to cut up all of those little tiny, tiny pieces of fabric without taking a century to do it?

  9. My goodness, it looks like you are super busy! I love how you say in your profile that quilts are like love letters to your friends and family. That is so perfect! I've never been able to describe how I feel about the quilts I make for people until I read your words. Thank you :-)

  10. I love the circles quilt! I'm going to have to look at that pattern. I need to make a baby quilt soon for some friends and that looks fun! Very interesting about the bird wing, too. It looks great! Can't wait to see your Heirloom quilt started. I love that line of fabric!

  11. That circles quilt is great - I'm tempted to do one of my own! I love the colors on the gray background. The process for making that bird sounds like it would drive me crazy, but the finished project sure is great!

  12. That little bird is the cutest thing! The colors are amazing! Does that technique have a name? I can't quite picture how it's done yet.

  13. Lovely projects!! I have the Pendant quilt bookmarked too:)

  14. Love the look of your circles quilt!