Friday, 30 September 2011

Quilting or stitching? Or both?

Last week I a saw a BOM that I half-heartedly decided to try. It was stitching. See, the story is that I used to do a lot of embroidery. Not really the classical kind but some fabulous Swedish regional graphical patterns that I inherited from my great-grandmother. All these embroideries were made with only one color on white.

While looking for some suitable embroidery thread for the BOM I found some unfinished projects (Think I might have made them to go between serving plates but not sure). The size and not least the red color are perfect to match the BOM stitches. They were all made with linen thread – quite a stunning, deep red.

Once I had started the BOM I discovered that 1) I am not big on Christmas patterns and 2) I prefer quilting to stitching.  I thought I would just drop the BOM but then a few comments to my WIP post the other day - and especially Aeble's – had me thinking.

Yesterday I started to make a basic drawing to a new quilt. It could end up being a very special Christmas quilt. I'm notoriously bad at Christmas decorating – decorating in general in fact – but maybe and just maybe this could end up being a quilt we would love to bring out every Christmas..

Here it goes:

My recent stitch and some unfinished embroidery projects from way back. I have 4 frames and there will be 8 stitches from the BOM:

My plan below - yep, I'm bad at decorating end apparently even worse at drawing  ;)

The corners…  I will place the old embroidered frames in the corners and appliqué a heart in each. On the heart I will stitch a name (DH, DS#1, DS#2 and myself).

Each stitched block will have 2 bordes - one solid grey and a few modern white/red modern patterns. 

And then I need to find a stunning border to wrap up the whole ting.

You know.... this could actually work  :)

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  1. I love them Cille!! You can't beat some gorgeous stitching, can't wait to see how it turns out!