Saturday, 19 April 2014

So sorry.. Can't help myself

Tired of me and the fans yet? If so I've got good news. Unfortunately the fan quilt needs to take a short break as I have run out of linnen. The boys and me are in Sweden for Easter and I can't get my hands on more until Tuesday when I'm back home and the shops opens again. So no more picture bombing for a few days.

This is as far as I got.. Photo curtesy goes to the sweet cousins who are enjoying the time together tremendously - Freja, Erik and Jens.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Fans progress

I'm working on my fans today - if that doesn't bring out the good mood, I don't know what would. Maybe the fact that Amy's quilt festival is near (starts May 7).

I decided to use quilt-as-you-go method making big rings on the linnen. It doesn't show as much as I would have liked, but - hey - I can live with it :)

Two down - fourteen to go.

Update at 18.31 :) 4 down and 14 to go

I may actually have a finish for the festival...

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Quilting detour

Today I made a little quilting detour - decided to finish a project I shelfed last year. It was the scrappy trip top, which sadly ended up with only 5x5 square and was too small. You know how we like big  quilts around here...

Also, I love the Sweetwater Hometown line, but it's really difficult to match with other fabrics and as I ran out of fabric after 25 block, the top ended up  60x60 inches:

However, when cutting the linnen for the fan quilt I suddenly thought of a really simple solution. The linnen goes great with the Hometown line and also has an interesting tactile feeling that's adds some interest. 

Today was the day to carry out my idea. I was at my quilting group and could use the big basting table we have there for cutting the big pieces of fabric. 

Bad picture alert - just came home with the top folded and no time to iron it or hang up. It was either daylight or ironing. You know how it is. 

I think (hope) it is straighter than it appears on the picture. I haven't basted it yet, so time will tell. Had to cut the linnen on the bias so I was really careful not to pull it when adding the red border.

It's huge - haven't measured it but guessing around 90-95 inches each way. The linnen will require a lot of quilting, but I have a plan and right now I'm thinking this project will end up much better (and much bigger) than first anticipated. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Fans, progress, gift and sun

I am slowly making my way though this quilt. The colors are so wonderful to work with and I enjoy the hand sewing. 6 blocks down, 10 to go :)

Here's the layout - can't help but smile even with the bad picture below. Outside the sun is shining and it's the first warm spring day. Though not dark, the sun is just so strong that it makes everything else look dark. I love spring :)

I got a sweet little gift from my quilting friend - she had made me a folded needle book. Isn't it great? 
I'm totally in love with it. 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Quilt progress in pictures

A while ago I decided to do a string quilt. Not feeling the love of a traditional string block with muslin, I decided on making another stringy project  - as a fan quilt.

First deciding on the fabric - my left over Kate Spain fabrics screamed spring, summer and good mood to me, so that was an easy choice.

Then finding the inspiration and deciding on the placement of fans

Then cutting the strips

And then cutting a lot of 9 degree wedges

Sewing the wedges together in big  45 degree 20" fans

So far so good :) Next step is to figure out the background fabrics (Linnen? Small dots?) and start the appliqué.
This is an easy and fun project and I have a feeling this will end up being a really great quilt.
Becuase I'm using random size strips there has been very little measuremenst and no pinning so far, so it almost feels like cheating.