Friday 24 October 2014

Fall Quilt Festival - the Kaleidoscope quilt

This is my second entry into the Fall Quilt Festival - the large quilt category. My other quilt is in the modern category. I finished this quilt in August. It is fun, vibrant, and exciting both from a distance and up close. I loved the quilt from when I first saw it in the book, but it looked so difficult I put it off a bit. In reality it was much easier to make than I thought it would be and since not two blocks are the same it was never boring either. Seeing the pieces come together was awesome.  

Some facts:
Size: 74x74 inches
Fabric: Anna Marie Horner and Amy Butler mixed
Background: Dark, grey fleece
Pattern: Saltwater Taffy from Stephanie Dunphys book 'Uncommonly Corduroy'. I enlarged the templates slightly to make the quilt a tad bigger than the pattern suggested.
Background and batting: dark grey thick fleece and polyester batting

When making it I compared it to making a puzzle. Every bit of fabric had to be placed right to ensure the balance. I didn't plan it when cutting so I just had a big pile of prints that had to create a certain balance. It was fun... In fact fun, exciting and playful pretty much sums up making the Kaleidescope quilt.

This was my first attempt on the kaleidescope block. I had long admired the more classical quilts but totally fell for this take on it. The fabric is big, bright and modern and I think it really enhances the vulcano feeling. 

I used a dark grey, thick, top of the class fleece as the backing, making this a very warm and comfy quilt. Almost as a duvet. It's destined to go under the Christmas tree... shhh.... don't tell anyone ;)

I have a feeling this won't be the last kaleidescope quilt, but for now I'm of off to surf the Bloggers Quilt Festival entries :)

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  1. I think your Kaleidoscope quilt is so stunning - it looks just like you are looking through a Kaleidoscope at brilliant spring blooms. Good luck in the festival!

  2. Hi Cille! This gorgeus quilt! Unique and beautiful! Great choise for Fabrics! Wishes from thundering Greecex Teje

  3. What a fun pattern! I agree with Yvonne, it does look like you are looking through a kaleidoscope...Neat!!
    Good luck with your entry!

  4. love your kaeidoscope...i would love to try this out with my kaffe stash one day. thanks for the inspiration xo

  5. Great Kaleidoscope quilt and your points are all so perfect! I wish you good luck with your entry in the Festival!

  6. This is amazing!!! I love the fabrics you chose and the layout. Just wow!

  7. This is gorgeous! And actually looks like the view through a kaleidoscope! Love all the saturated colors balanced with the gray...just beautiful!

  8. This is so pretty! Before I even saw the name I thought it looks just like a kaleidoscope! Gorgeous!

  9. This is absolutely fabulous! I love it! :)