Sunday, 18 September 2011

A brilliant, crafty weekend

This was the first weekend in a long time where we didn’t have any socail obligations or plans. On Saturday I got out of bed at 7.30 and took my tea to the sewing room and started playing. At 2.30 pm I was still in my pajamas and two bags and a lot of experience richer.

I made these two pouches using the quilt-as-you-go method. Not only was the method a first for me. Making bags with a zipper was as well.  I am not 100% satisfied but learning by doing is great. And of course I had to make some more matching key strings too.

Out of zippers and key rings I started to piece the HSQ quilt and basted it and now it’s ready for quilting.
And diamonds of course….  No weekend is complete without diamonds

I also got some practical items ticked off my list as well.

In between I squeezed in some hot cocoa with whipped vanilla cream for my son. He and DH went on the World Championship bicycle route today (WC is held next week in this area). It was 25 km in pouring rain and low temperatures.  He was so cold that he started crying from exhaution but only when he came up the driveway. He is such a tuff little thing – he eats his pain as we say in Danish. I made him a hot bath and then some coca. And the rest of the afternoon we enjoyed Mrs. Doubtfire on the TV. And yes... on the picture you see him surronded by all grown-ups. He is really that tough.

Brilliant weekend in my opinion – hope yours was just as good.


  1. Well, you went ahead and basted the quilt. Never mind what i wrote under the earlier post. I'm sure the IKEA fabric will just be fine! Cute little boy you have and so tough! I have to ride my bike for 8 km to get to work and my collegues already think I'm crazy!

  2. You definitely achieved a lot this weekend. Your son is amazing, well done.