Sunday, 18 September 2011

22.80 DKK = 4.19821 USD

A little while ago I was in IKEA and saw some great fabrics I could use for quilt backs. I got me some letters and some birds. The price for the letters (which is actually written numbers ) was a whopping $4.

And this is what I got out of it

A backing for the Moda Punctuation HST quilt

A new cover for the small ironing board I have next to my sewing machine

A little string bag

 And I still have enough left for more bags….

Post scriptum: I was unsure if the fabric quality would be too 'thin' but after a 40 degree wash and a good, warm tumble-dry it sort of 'thickened up' and worked perfectly as backing. It shrinks quite a bit...


  1. Yeah! My mom has curtains made out of this fabric. And in Euros the price sounds even better: 2,50 €. Do you think the quality is good enough for a quilt backing? Looks cool though!

  2. Love this fabric it's perfect as the backing for the quilt. Great bargain.

  3. Great fabric! Too bad the Ikeas here in Toronto don't carry it.