Thursday, 8 September 2011

Can a girl really have to many key straps?

I have trouble focusing on the diamonds today...  I saw this great toturial from Stephanie @  Loft Creations.

Turned out I had just the right fabric at hand so it didn't take long to hide away the diamonds and get started on some keystraps. Oh, what great fun! I did almost 4 keystraps in no time at all.

I could have gone on for hours and hours but had to stop because I need to get some hooks for the last two straps and som dark thread to sew the last one.

I am planning to use one for my keys and one for my work badge.  I'm thinking I should do a few shorter ones for keys and loyalty cards - the long straps is not always that practical if your handbag is a mess has a lot of stuff in it.

Also thinking that a long strap, a short strap and a matching little bag might be a great Christmas present for my sister and sister-in-law. Just thinking  ;)


  1. LOVE them! It makes me very happy to see people enjoying the tutorial. I love your key leash/bag idea for a gift.

  2. You can never have to many homemade items :) it looks really fun and interesting :) and I really like your fabric choices