Thursday, 22 September 2011

HST is done

I seem to have found a good quilt-making-rythm. I usually have a project that challenges me and then have some little 'in between' projects that are faster, easier, and almost guarenteed to lift my spirits. Like the half square triangles quilt I just finished.

I made the quilt it in little over a week. Easy peasy and really fun.

This is what I intended :
I had 2 charm packs and nothing in my stash that really went with this line so I needed to 'stretch' the fabric. I also wanted it to be 'boyish' even there are a lot of red, yellow and oranges charms. Hence the very graphical, dynamic pattern.

This is what I got out of it:
Size: 58x44 inches
Fabric: Moda Snow (solid) and 2 Moda Punctuation charm packs. I used all the charms but 3 pieces so I couldn't make a pieced back
Backing: IKEA fabric (cheapest fabric I ever used. Not the best, but ok for this type of quilt). Think the writing goes perfectly with the Punctuation theme though.
Quilt: Stitch in the ditch around the squares to make them pop
Binding: Black and white stripes from the stash

Its a sofa quilt - perfect for the kids to snuggle in.


Well, someone (besides the kids) find this non-stop quilt making very useful

I like the striped binding - first time I tried with stripes and I think it looks ok


  1. Terrific. I love striped binding. The black and white stripe frames is very nicely. At least we know our pets appreciate our quilts!

  2. It looks great!
    A stripy or polka dot binding can look stunning.
    And it really adds to this quilt!
    Well done for another finish.

  3. Love it, and the Ikea fabric is great for the backing. Love the striped binding too.

  4. Love it. The backing is a great find. I've got some Ikea fabrics in my stash that I bought just for backings, but have not used yet. I've not seen this one before though, with the writing on. I feel a shopping trip coming on!

  5. I think it turned out great! And you know what? I bought 2 x 2m of IKEA fabric the other day. From their new collection and I think it's gonna be the perfect backing for my Dead Simple Quilt ;-) But they raised the prices. The cheapest fabric is 4 € now. Oil cloth went from 5 to 7 €. The cotton prices went up in general!

  6. I haven't used Ikea fabric before either, but yours looks very cool! Next time I make the effort to go I'll have to get some. Your quilt is great, lovely and bright and fun, love it!

  7. Love it, love the backing fabric, i wish there was an Ikea near me!!!

  8. That is very awesome! Now I need to make one and go to Ikea ;o) The striped binding is perfect! I am sure I could never get it to line up like that!

  9. It's gorgeous! I love how the diamond pattern is off-centered. Really adds a lot of visual interest. The backing is great, too. Great finish!

  10. I love it! I like how you arrange triangles in an offset pattern. And that Backing! WOW! I love it.

    Thanks for linking up!

  11. I love that off center arrangement of triangles! And I too love the backing - I am a CLONE of amylouwho! LOL

  12. This is really spectacular! My daughter and I have been admiring it. I've been wanting that fabric from IKEA!