Monday, 25 March 2013

From my design wall...

Post are regrettably few and far between these days. Productivity peaks at work and not so much in my quilting room. Here's a little view of what is currently at my design wall though...

I started this EPP project this summer but haven't gotten further so now I feel its time to wrap up the project and add some borders. April is my month in the Bee Europa and it's a perfect opportunity to make some headway on this quilt...but I'm undecided about what border to make.

I really like the two modern blocks  you see next to the centre... The top fits the somewhat bulky look 'n feel. I adore to bottom block to be honest and would love to pick that, but it seems a little fragile to the rather massive centre. On the other hand it might look better when I get more blocks? I have to decide by tomorrow. Ah... decisions, decisions. What would you do?
Playing with ideas on border to EPP...

UPDATE: I did a little palying with the picture in PowerPoint and all of a sudden the choice was obvious :)
Optional Layout for bee block

A few more updates. For Bee Europa im March Gabriella asked us to do the sweet Granny Squares. 

As usual I also whipped up a little bag with the same design as an extra gift - a tiny Granny square. The bag measures 8,5"x 8,5" when its closed. So cute  :) Here's the back

And here's the front

And then I'm making Dresdens to my heats content whenever I have the opportunity. These will go on the black/white background and it looks stunning when I lay it out on the floor (no photo of that though). I'm making it all in rainbow colors and so far it looks really promising. The red is a biggie - the wedges are 8,5". Bold and very beautiful!


So that's what's on my design board these days...


  1. Well it's no secret how much I love dresdens! They'll look stunning on a dark background. I do love the fabrics you're using in your EPP but I'm sorry I can't help with the border decision. I see your point with both blocks but it is difficult to judge with just one. I love the dark background with the bits of color to frame the quilt.

  2. Hi! Your epp project looks amazing! Frist I prefered the other block for the border but fortunately you made it with photoshop, because the second choise is wonderful, great choice! I have started also epp with little octagons and squares and now I made my first foundation piecing - the woodpecker. Sunny wishes! x Teje