Sunday, 3 March 2013

New projects... I must be crazy

Let me just for the record say that I need not start any new projects anytime soon. Yet this weekend offered two of the kind.

The first one is a really great idea - Honeycomp stitch-along is a stitching school so to speak - hosted Jenelle @ Echinops and Aster. We're making a pillow using lots of different stitching techniques. The pillow size makes it less daunting :) The first task was easy-peasy - just regular EPP - but I know I'll be challenged over the next few weeks and strangely enough looking forward to it.

Honeycomb Stitch-Along

The other project is - well how can I put it - pure craziness. I was just in the mood for more EPP and at this glorious day of first day of spring the soft colors of Liberty was calling me. Could you have resisted? I have no idea how this will be used but I'm sure time will tell.
Liberty EPP starsLiberty EPP stars


  1. Having just finished my first major EPP project, I know firsthand how addictive it can be! I don't blame you for starting two more, especially with such pretty fabrics. Good luck!

  2. Truly gorgeous Liberty fabrics. You're EPP is so neat and precise. I admire anyone who does this sort of hand work. I know your projects will be amazing.

  3. I think new projects inspire, so go for it!!

  4. Those liberty fabrics are gorgeous - looking forward to seeing them come together.

  5. Hi Cille! I understand you couldn't resist! Your fabrics are beautiful! EPP takes too much time for me ... but it's all the time in mind and I would like to start a small project... x Teje