Tuesday, 3 July 2012

July 'Just Three goals'

Vacation is creeping in on me. Not that I mind at all :) And August 1st I’ll start a new job so in between Friday and August 1st I see no work, lots of quilting and spending time with my kiddos. Yeah… Being able for focus a little less on work and more on home life I finally decided to join in on Traceyjay’s ‘Just 3’ thinking I can actually plan something without a bad conscience:
Here’s my 3 WIP's that I want to finish in July :

1) Lark EPP (sound like a surgical instrument, doesn’t it?)
In our house there’s going to be lots of sports on TV with both Tour de France and the Olympics. So naturally I plan to work on my English paper piecing project from the couch. I finally got the background fabric and started piecing it. Happy, happy, happy… It will be a while (a long one) but the goal for July must be to make at least 1x1 meter.

2) 60 degree stars
Even the best Mum needs some quality time by herself,  so I definitely plan to spend some time  my sewing machine too.  I want to finish piecing my 60 degree star top. This lovely project has suffered badly because I had some other projects with deadlines. It’s still on my wall and it it makes me happy whenever I look at it, so it’s definitely something I want to finish.

3) Wonky Log Cabin
My last goal for July is to make the July block for Bee Europa to finish as well. Amy has asked for QuiltDad’s wonky log cabin block. This will be a first for me. I made wonky things before… but never on purpose  ;)

I also plan to sneak in a little cleanup of my sewing area. It sort of has a tendency to overflow with odd pieces of fabric, threads, papers and lots of tools. My shelves are not exactly perfect either. I’m thinking about moving it to another room which will give me more light and some more wall space. Only disadvantage is that I’ll be further away from what else is going on in the house.  I still need to decide on the moving but a good cleaning and re-organise is long over-due in any case.
So that's my July plans :)  What's yours?

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  1. 3 things to focus during the summer, that's great.
    It sounds so easy (which to pick) and you chose well! EPP to take with you anywhere and it's so ZEN, so relaxing. I might follow suit.
    Cleaning and reorganising can be done anytime (postpone it!) or let others help you now that everyone has more time ....
    Always a point of discussion in our house.
    Goodluck with the wonky cabins! And you can finally finished the project that was 'snowed over'

  2. Great projects in the works!

  3. Smukt, smukt arbejde, sikke nogle flotte farvesammensætninger, wauuu...


  4. Lovely EPP! And yep, it sounds like a surgical instrument. haha :D

  5. I like your EPP plan! Looks lovely. Three to focus on is a very interesting idea!

  6. Love your EPP! So pretty, thanks for linking up!!

  7. I looked at this way back when, but was holding Scarlet and couldn't type at the time... these are all so pretty; I can't wait to see your report for August!