Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wednesday WIP

This has been a wonderful week – I’ve been stitching away and loving it. I’m on vacation. Kids are on vacation too and Lars has just returned from France where he finished La Mamotte (a crazy bicycle race where you bicycle over 4 mountains in one day).  It is lovely to have him back :) The weather continues to be really bad here with temperatures are around 59-64 degress and lots of rain so activities are limited to indoor.  I'm okay with that though as I get a lot of sewing done.
The progress on my EPP Spring Carnival quilt – my fingers are sore but do you think you will ever get enough of Amy Butlers Lark?

I don’t think so. As usual I don’t know where I’m going with this but have started contemplating different border options. At this point I am very inspired by an antique border I’ve seen. Well, I still have plenty of more stitching to do before needing to start on a border though this is going faster than I first anticipated it would.
I also made Amyinuk’s two blocks for the Bee Europa. It’s QuiltDad’s wonky log cabin block. I tried making the wonkiness subtle rather than going completely crazy. The blocks are a tad bigger than the required 12,5” so the last wonkiness can appear when cutting them and Amy can tilt them in the direction she prefers.
Wonky Log Cabin

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  1. Love the Lark! An antique border sounds interesting!

  2. Beautiful fabrics and pattern and I'm very curious about the antique border inspiration.

  3. Beautiful projects and it is neat to see what you doing with Lark!!