Friday, 29 June 2012

Summer of EPP'ing

Not a whole lot to say today... Just that I love Amy Butler's Lark and EPP'ing. I'm waiting for my background fabric to come but a girl gotta have some fun so I started piecing the squares and hexagons.

Today is the boys last day of school. I still have one more week of work before I start my vacation. I have been offered a new job - my dream job. I signed yesterday. That also means I won't return to my current work place after the vacation. Though I of course am a bit worried about how little time I actually have to hand over my projects here, I'm excited, happy and really looking forward to the new challenges. And best of all... I get to recharge my batteries before starting the new job. What better way to that than with a little english paper piecing :)


  1. Your EPP is looking great! And obviously I 'need' some Lark-Fabric ;)) Thanks for showing!

  2. Whatever you're making looks like fun and amazing with Lark. Congrats on your dream job.

  3. Congratulations!! A dream job AND a very relaxing hobby making beautiful quilts.
    Good for you!!