Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wednesday WIP - boxes and circles

I believe I skipped my WIP last week – bad, bad me. Life is very busy right now. Lots of things to finish before the summer holiday with the kids and lots, lots to do at work. Although life is busy I have made a little sewing progress. Just not blogged about it...

I  made my first Zakka project this weekend – the nesting box. I wanted something I could work on from the couch while watching European Football Championship with the family. Not that Denmark did very well… but at least WE we had a good time.

I went for the middle size box. It holds op very well but I will use some interfacing when I make the large box just in case. It’s perfect for holding my hand quilting things like sicssors, threads and needles.

Then there is the quilt for my youngest, who will turn 9 in just 5 days. I finished the top for his quilt and just need to get the backing from my LQS (so you all know what I'll be doing this weekend). It's quite big but I figure he will soon outgrow a normal kid size quilt so I am making it a grown-up size and big enough to snuggle in even when he's 14 and taller than his Mom *big sigh*

It's based on the Barefoot in the Park pattern from Stephanie @ Loft Creations. I made the blocks slightly smaller to make the most of my Fat 8's.

I much prefer a pieced back of cotton, but will go for a super cuddely fleece backing instead. It seems to have a certain attraction to Mr. Jens. He is always trying to steal his brothers quilt ‘because is feels so nice’. So naturally I’m happy to oblige and make a soft backing for Jens as well. Quilts being used and loved is what it is all about after all. Sven-C is still using his quilt every single day... Our cat Thomas of course thinks it's his quilt all alone. Luckily Sven-C doesn't mind to share :)

And look who snuggled up to me when I was outside taking the photo. This is Cosmo.


We got him from the same shelter as the others. He is a mix of every possible breed we think. His hair is impossible to keep, he hates being brushed, his one eye is always running, the vet says we can't do anything about it... When we got him he was around 3 years old, half-wild and shaved completely bald (except for a mohawk on the back). It took some time to adjust him to family life, but now he's 10 years old and the happiest, sweetest and most gentle of cats. Stand still for 5 seconds and he'll be right at your feet inviting you to play. Who can resist  :)

That’s it from me this week – but be sure to jump over to Lee’s to see many more WIP’s

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  1. Great quilt! Love that line of fabric. What a great birthday present.

    I love your little line in your 'About Me' section about quilts being love letters. What a lovely way to think of them!

  2. Love the quilt:yes, a great present!
    Love the cat too!
    And Denmark did sooooo much better than the men in orange from the low lands. That's all I want to say about it. I hate football anyway.
    Being busy suits you: you're still very productive!
    And we all love that!

  3. Gorgeous quilt and I love the Zakka box :)

  4. What a lucky boy! Such a cool quilt!

  5. Adorable little box. I love the fabrics you used for your version of Barefoot in the Park. My what tall children you have! :o) Making a quilt for them is more work for you but it looks like they appreciate it so much. Cosmo is gorgeous.

  6. Love that little box. Everyone has been referencing that book. I might have to break down and buy it.

  7. Your Zakka project is amazing, and love the quilt too.

  8. Great quilt, and the little box is darling! Great WIPs!

  9. Beautiful quilt, I'm sure your son will treasure it. I love the little box, I think I Need one of those! : )

  10. I'm sorry we kicked you out ;-)
    Lovely quilts - as usual and I loved to read about Cosmo!

  11. Your quilt is beautiful! The colors are so much fun!

  12. Oh gorgeous! I'm sure it will be loved for years to come :) What fabric did you use?! I love it!

  13. I LOVE the circles! Amazing quilt in progress. And fleece for the back is a great idea! All of my kids now have made-by-mom jeans quilts with awesome fleece on the back. Warm and cozy.