Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A busy week... a finish and a win

I finished the Thomas Knauer Flock baby quilt this weekend. Used some sweet backing and polka dots for the binding. My son loves the fabric. Says it reminds him of caramel icecream. I'm very happy about how it turned out.

Quilt is now on it’s way too Bumble Beans and I hope it will make a little baby and a mom somewhere very happy. My best thoughts goes with it.

The light reflection is a bit hard on the first picture to see the colors but they are really lovely. Every single block is different but still has some symmetry. It's all about finding the pattern in each block  :)

I should have asked Jens to turn the quilt the other way to get a better picture but he was so tirred after a long weekend of games so I didn't push him just feeling lucky I got so much from him despite him being very, very tired after a long weekend of basketball games. He went straight from the shower into his PJ at 5 pm and just after this picture was taken he went to sleep on the couch and slept non-stop for 14 hours.

I popped a lot of fabric into the washer yesterday evening - I'm starting a new quilt for Jens, who has his 9th birthday very, very soon. I am making 'Barefoot in the park' using this bundle. I hope - fingers crossed - it will look good. It will go together quite fast I think... And it really needs to because I'm late starting this!

Speaking of my youngest... (Warning: Proud momma moment here). This is what we did most of the weekend. The tournament of the year started Friday evening and ended Sunday afternoon with the grand finale. It didn't give me much time for quilting but that’s okay if it ends like this :


Other than that I'm banging my head in the table for making a gigantic mistake I can't undo when I cut the fabric for my June Bee Europe block. And I spent most of yesterday and today trying to find solutions to fix it. Not sure how it ends yet. Whoever said a quilters life was easy....

Although a bit late this week I'm linking up to Lee's Wednesday WIP
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  1. Congrats for the win! He look happy to display the quilt for you, it is beautiful.

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend too!
    And the quilt is lovely, as usual.
    I wonder what your problem is with the Bee block, but I'm sure you'll work it out. If not, ask your readers for help.
    We're always willing to oblige!

  3. that is such a adorable quilt. i love the fabrics....and speaking of fabrics. salt air is amazing fabric. it is going to be another gorgeous quilt.

  4. Cille, your Flock quilt is gorgeous!!! I love that collection so much. You have really done something amazing with them :-)

  5. That's the best way to spend a weekend. Congrats to your son.

    Your baby quilt is adorable.

  6. Sweet quilt. Great way to use some Flock. I hope you block comes out well. :)