Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday update...

I spent most of the past week in Sweden at my Mum's place being spoiled rotten and enjoying the good things life has to offer: Homemade bread, good food, wine, and great company. It’s been a busy week quiltwise even though I didn’t bring my sewing machine up there. I started two new projects and picked up another to finish.

I finished the first block for Bee Europa last week. I forgot to take pictures in the midst of the chaoes but luckily Cara posted pictures on Flickr so here's the block - it’s wrinkly after spending time in an envelope across the Nordsee. Doesn't Cara take lovely pictures?

I added a little surprise to Cara. Now that she has her package I can show you the pincushion I made for her. It's a miniature of the block and all made from the cut-offs. Isn’t the polka dot button too cute for words?
(Pictures courtesy of Pink Stitches)

My latest project is hand quilting. I thought I was long over hand quilting but it’s really addictive and for a while I've missed having a project when watching TV or when we are reading stories for the kids. I'm no good with idle hands.
I started making giant flower hexies with some shabby chick fabrics. Not sure where this is going (! Why do I always do this) but I’ll probably make more over the next weeks and months. The fabric is not my favorite to be honest – I don’t go ohhh or ahh over it - but it is fun and summery…. and cheap :) Life can’t always be so serious.

My mom and I had a small compitiotion going this week - she had worked on some smaller hexies all winter and she was mighty feed up making them. So we worked on making some borders and now her quilt looks fantastic. I proclaimed myselft much smarter making bigger hexies but I think now she's laughing of me . Her project now looks stunning... and mine not so much.

Start of the week:


My Moms quilt by the end of the week (bad mobile quality - sorry):

When I was in Sweden last time my sweet 8 year old niece and I started a new project after she successfully made a doll quilt almost by herself last autumn (Do take a moment too see the concentration she has... I'm amazed by her)

She pieced the heart herself (and had a blast designing it on the design wall). Adding the borders was too big a mouthful for her though– she’s only 8 - so I brought it home to finish it up for her. I just need to add the binding and it will be ready to ship back to Sweden later this week. I'm so proud of her and  I think she will treasure this quilt as much as she does her doll quilt.

Freja's heart quilt :

My other new project is the Thomas Knauer fabric win. It arrived yesterday and I’ve cut it and are now getting started on the donation quilt to Bumble Beans. I think it will be a fantastic quilt with all the happy colors.

Peww.... that was a long update, wasn't it? If there any life left in you after this be sure to head over to Lee's:

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  1. I didn't know your mother lives in Sweden. So you speak Swedish as well? Frejas heart is cute (I don't like hexies and I'm not going to start lying)

  2. Oh I wish I were in this Bee Europa... I missed the admission :-( But maybe I'm next time in. You've done a great block!
    And the heart from Freja is just stunning (she is really 8?)!

  3. Oh, hexies--J'adore!! Your mum's quilt is beautiful--lovely colours, but I like your bigger ones too. :-) Also, your bee makes are lovely, and your niece's heart quilt is so pretty too. A creative family you are, no? :-) Wonderful!

    suntred02 at

  4. Adorable pincushion and I do love your giant heart. :o)

  5. Great projects, love the pin cushion and block, so cute! Good for you with all that hand quilting, I start projects like that with the best of intentions, and they always sort of fall by the way side, far before completion :-)

  6. l.o.v.e. your pincushion!

  7. Great bee block and pincushion, but I simply adore your niece's heart quilt! She will be an amazing quilter some day! Your Mom's quilt is simply fantastic. What a talented family.

  8. I love the giant hexagons! What a great idea!

  9. So happy that quilting crosses generations in your family! Now you must tell your mom and niece that there is a wacky woman in Texas who loves their quilts! : ) Does your mom have her own blog? She should! The block and pincushion for Cara are so pretty. Thanks for sharing everything.

  10. The pin cushion is so cute. It looks like you have been busy.

  11. The pin cushion is lovely. That button really makes it.

    Hey, since you mentioned Sweden.... Do you have any recommendations on quilty/crafty places to visit?

  12. That pincushion is so sweet! And so is your nieces quilt. I can't believe she is only 8!