Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I'm still here....

It’s been a long time since last update. It’s been busy times here, too much work.  I’ve been too tired to quilt much and have ended up falling asleep in front of the TV way too often. 
But now my work is balanced again, my pro bono work (a web site) is launched and everybody is happy.  I’m in Sweden visiting my Mom, we’re drinking plenty of coffee and chatting about this and that. Life is good.

My Mums place is an old family house that’s been in my family since 1830. My Mom lives in the small house (and it’s really small!) while my Brother lives with his family in the big house.  This means plenty of cousins and family around at all times… and I have yet to hear anyone complain about that :)

I brought my sewing machine up here. After my Mum got hooked on quilting last year we enjoy quilting together. I brought the Swoon pattern and a few fabrics and now we’re both swooning

My Niece made a small quilt for her bunny last fall and this time I brought her a pack of squares this time. Luckily Stephanie posted a wonderful heart pattern on Valentine’s Day and Freja was sold.  She is quite talented – does everything except cutting herself.  Here’s a picture of when she was arranging her squares.

Before I left Denmark I nearly finished piecing my big *Made in Cherry’ quilt. I ended up with a blue background but didn’t take any pictures so that will have to wait until I’m back home next week.

Did I ever show a good picture of the quilt I made for my oldest? I think I never got around to it actually. He still loves it – uses it every day and even brought it to Sweden. The pattern is so versatile and a great way to use scraps.


  1. Beautiful work, Cille! I love the big star quilt. I'm swooning too - though very slowly - three blocks in!

  2. How nice for your brother's children to have their farmor so close by! I love your swoon blocks.

  3. I always love visiting your blog! Your projects are beautiful! :) (as are your babies)

  4. Hi! You must have had really good time! Old family house in the countryside sounds the best place for me! Your blocks are great and the heart quilt is going to be so wonderful!
    Did you see Rebecca's heart quilt? She is at www.chasingcottons.
    x Teje

  5. Enjoy your family & Sweden.
    I still love the blue and brown(ish) starquilt (and I'm not the only one!)
    I don't know why, but I'm very resitant to the Swooning-fever ...

  6. LOVE your Swoon blocks -- terrific colors. The giant heart is terrific. Sparkle Plenty is soothing and wonderful.

  7. Welcome fellow swooners! Looking good - I'm still stuck on block one but need to start and then finish block two before the end of February to meet my monthly deadline. Still a bit of time :0)