Sunday, 23 October 2011

Quilting bug - Sew and Tell

This week was fall break in Denmark. We all are still feeling emty with the passing of my FIL but life is slowly getting back to normal for all of us. It's the way it should be I guess...

The boys and I went to Sweden to visit my Mum for a few days. While the boys were busy playing with a 4 wheel tractor, doing dirt bike cycle racing and fishing while the rest of us stayed inside and did a little quilting. Nah,  more like a lot of quilting.

I'm linking up to Amys Sew and Tell for this post. It more about the new quilters in my family than me. Doing my best to spread the quilting bug. It's going pretty darn well if you ask me  :)

My niece Freja ( who is one day older than my youngest!) got the quilting bug. She made a blanket for her bunny Bella. My youngest who usually plays a lot with Freja asked us to ‘take the quilting medicine out of Freja’ – LOL - he missed his playmate.
She was amazing. I only had to show her things once and then she did the rest of it herself except for the cutting. When she hand sewed the border she almost hit her limit but she’s quite persistent and with a little encouragement and help to get around the corners she managed.  I think a few charm packs will be the perfect Christmas present for her.

My mom has got the quilting bug pretty seriously as well. The quilt behind her on this picture is only her second quilt. Can you believe it? It was a quilt I saw a long time ago from Red Pepper Quilts and when she saw the picture she fell in love with the graphical expression immediately. It was a technical challenge to make this one come together but she did a great job. It's really a beautiful quilt. 

And me? Well, I finally digged into my Heirloom FQ’s (See the picture of Freja and her bunny Bella above - it's behind her). I loved the fabric before I cut it but even more after having looked at them for 2 days. It is utterly amazing. I think I might just have to get myself another bundle or two for future projects.  I looked for a pattern where I shouldn’t cut it into itsy bitsy pieces and this was perfect. Thought they were a bit too big when I first cut it but the more I looked at it the more I realized that they were perfect to show of the amazing fabric.
I also made some major progress of the Kaffe Fasset diamond quilt. My Mum helped me finding the final layout. I had trouble liking the planned layout because of the colors went in every direction and it looked ‘messy’. With her clear sense if color and balance she saw it immediately and rescued me  J. More on that in a separate post as I have no pictures yet.


  1. How wonderful you can help spread the quilting love/bug! Your niece looks quite proud of her work and rightfully so.

  2. That heirloom quilt is fantastic. And your little niece's first quilt is probably far superior to my first try!!

  3. Your little niece did such a good job! I also like the colors she picked!