Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Seeing spots all over

A small update on the current WIP project. I'm making this quilt as a gift for my nephew and had serious doubts over this quilt earlier this week, but decided to go on anyway. Now that's it's coming together I actually like it. So all is well here  :)

The pattern is Tamiko of Patchwork Notes box-in-a-box block tutorial. Some of the fabric is from Connecting Threads and the rest is fat quarters I picked up from my local quilt shop. The colors do come of a little flashy here. In real life it is a bit more muted. The colors are light green, dark, green, various blues and just a touch of purple. Each block is 6" and the dotted stripes are 2". The background is just plain grey. I can't wait to get some decent pictures of this project :)

The latest finish was this baby quilt to my son's teacher. The class gave it to her  this week. Don't you just love when people like what you've made? I do to be honest. Although it was important to me that I wasn't the one giving the quilt but the kids, I still quietly basked in my own glory of how well it was received.

In this case it was actually a double bonus. The kids had each written their name on the quilt and they were really excited about giving it to Sarah. I have no doubt that they felt they had a big ownership in making the quilt. They all were thrilled how their embroidered names turned out. And equally great... Sarah absolutely loved it. It came as a total surprise for her and she was quite overwhelmed.  I have no doubt at all that this quilt will be used a lot for her new little baby boy.

I'm linking up to Lee's Wednesday WIP... so jump right on over to see more projects.

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  1. The baby quilt is lovely! And the embroidered names is a very special touch!

  2. I looooove both projects!!

  3. Both gorgeous. The baby quilt is very special.

  4. such a great layout for the swoon baby quilt! I'm copying. :)