Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter quilting

I finished the box-in-a-box top yesterday but outside it’s raining, freezing cold and very, very windy so pictures will have to wait. But it looks good  :) I’m very happy about how it turned out. I need to figure out the back though. I was planning to make a special bag but am tempted to use the super fleece I used for my sons quilt instead. Granted, it doesn’t look as good as pieced cotton back but it’s so comfortable. In fact I find myself stealing my sons quilt at times because it is so nice and soft.  So nice versus comfortable?
I started a new quilt today – scrap style. I was planning to make a liberated wedding ring quilt in blues and greens but  looking though Material Obsession 2 I noticed a variant – Pop Stars - that I also liked. So I went for the latter but changed it a bit so I could paper piece it. I drew the block up myself so the size so it would fit an A4 paper.

Here is the first block. I made a block more after I took the pictures and love how it’s coming together. I am using blues, greens and a tad of yellow for the strings, which are wonky style, and making the stars in reds. It's a little bit difficult to see the final layout with just one block - the greens and blues will create a circle so the red star will not be quite as dominant. It’s going to be colorful though. And that’s just what I need  :)


  1. Happy Easter Quilting! Well those colors certainly add sunshine to a cloudy day. :o) I do like the little pops of yellow.

  2. Love your colors! Can't wait to see more blocks. I think it will look really nice with the red poking through the middle of each block. Happy Easter!!