Saturday, 7 April 2012

Snow and sun...

It snowed this morning but luckily the spring is stronger than winter now so it didn't last long. This afternoon the sky has cleared up and the weather is beautiful now. Freezing cold still though. Here is the box in a box quilt ready to be basted - and no the quilt is not growing feet - it's just DH who was nice enought to hold it up for me :

This morning I finally started the BOM blocks. I have never been this late but quilting wise this has indeed been a weird month. Better late than never :) Allison Harris from Cluck, Cluck, Sew is besides a new Mom to the cutest little princess, also behind this wonderful block:

Canton Village Quilt Works


  1. I love the quilt! It's beautiful!
    And I love that black and white checkerboard in one of the BOM blocks.
    The forecast here was rain, rain, rain, but I've only seen a few drops = hurray!!
    Good hunting tomorrow (eastereggs or the bunny?)

  2. The box in a box quilt is beautiful, and it's glowing like jewels in the sun. Can't wait to see it finished.

  3. Hi! Your quilt top is beautiful! I love the green and turquoise popping up from the grey! Beautiful photos, too with the same colours in your garden! x Teje

  4. I completely love the pops of pink in your quilt top!!

  5. Love your quilt! Such gorgeous colors! Your Blogger's BOM blocks look great. I wish I had made 2 of each. I suppose I still could but I have so much going on!!

  6. The cool colours in your quilt are so lovely and I really like that boxy pattern!

  7. I love the box in a box design, and I love the fresh colors in the quilt! It's so cute!