Thursday, 29 March 2012

A dilemma….

Okay so here’s the deal. Me and a bizilillion other quilters fell in love with Tamiko of Patchwork Notes box-in-a-box block tutorial.

Anyway, I’m making a quilt for my nephew who has his confirmation later this month. He’s 14 and he really, really wants a quilt as his gift (I am not kidding). So I thoughts that even if I don’t have that much experience in making quilts for 14 years old boys... but 2+2 is 4 and he was bound to love the box-in-a-box quilt. I surely do…

I started making the blocks. A whole lotta of them.  More than my design wall can handle obviously :)

I decided to separate each block with a black ‘n white polka dots print and bought 4 meters of polka dot fabric at the cost of $115 at my local quilt shop (yes, that is how much fabric costs here in Denmark)

And all was well until I saw this yesterday… Faith’s of Fresh Lemons Modern Quilts latest finish. Now I don’t know what to do. Her design will be much more suitable for a 14 year old boy than my original idea. But I have so many blocks ready. And of course I can pretend that $155 is nothing, It’s payday tomorrow and who talk’s about money anyway. Can 4 meters of polka dot fabric be considered as a long term investment?

Anyhow I turn this around, I find myself in a dilemma now. I can’t quite get the idea of front and back in opposite colors made after Faith’s design out of my head now. And I might just have to get some solids tomorrow….


  1. Dilemma?
    First of all: Is someone else's quilt 'the perfect one'? It sometimes is ... I know.
    I love your quilt more that I do Faith's: I like a quilt to be full of blocks, if you make a quilt with blocks. Even though I can already think of one exception.
    Polka dots do draw an awful lot of attention ...
    Why don't you try it on a quarter of the quilt and then use two mirrors to see the whole quilt (in the mirrors)? Or with a smaller amount of blocks and smaller mirrors.
    Yes, someone else's quilt can be perfect, but so can yours.
    I know you're the persevering kind, so I'm really eager to know how this quilt will end.
    I'm sure your recipient will like it anyway!

  2. Well your quilt really speaks to me and those dots are striking. May those of us in the US refrain from complaining how expensive fabric is here. Yikes!

  3. i have found when i try to make something like someone elses, it never looks quite as good, no matter how perfect i thought their idea would be with my work. Now if you are no longer in love with your original plan, scrap it and play with it until you find a plan that you do love!

    WOW.. fabric is expensive, i rarely buy new fabric at our prices, im afraid i wouldn't be able to quilt at all if i lived there!!