Friday, 27 April 2012

A good week of quilting - Friday Sew and Tell

Someone once told me I  was a fast quilter and I guess it was right... last year at least. The past few months life has been so busy, the energy low and there have not been that many finishes. Luckily my quilting grove is back in full force and this has been a great week – I’m linking up to Amy’s blog with a re-capture of this week:

First the finish of the boxy quilt nicknamed 'Polka dots and zebra stripes'– now it’s even ironed and threads have been cut from the back so all there is left is to wrap it before Sunday:

Secondly I finished the blocks for April’s BOM. Very cheerful but I think is becoming a VERY colorful quilt and I’m considering toning down the last 10 blocks a bit:

This week I also won something for – seriously - first time ever. A full FQ bundle of Flock. It comes with a string attached (but the way I see it it just makes it even better): I have to make a baby or toddler quilt to Bumle Beans. I’m running a thousand options though my head these days but can’t really decide before I have the fabric in front of me.


Tonight I am going to kick back and enjoy a good glass of mine with my sweet DH but tomorrow I am going to work on my Swoon quilt – I have a dear friend just waiting to put it to good use so I better hurry up and finish it. There is one of the fabrics I don't like at all so I decided to change it with some leftover zebra stripes. Hopefully that will bring the balance back.

It’s been ages since I last linked to Amy’s but it's a great place to see other great finishes of the week so hurry up over there.


  1. great stuff!! i love the black and white in the first quilt

  2. Beautiful work! I love the blues and greens in your swoon quilt.

  3. awesome polka dot quilt - so nice! And anxious to see more of Swoon!