Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Polka dots and tiger stripes is not for everyone

Update: I was able to take some better pictures today but somehow I managed to delete my original post when adding them to the blog (and yes - I do make web pages for a living. Jeezz). I tried to re-create as I best could below.

I finished the boxy quilt on Monday night. 

My youngest thought the back would improve with him in the picture. Not sure I agree a 100% but at least you got to love his grin

It badly needs an iron but you’ll have to bear with me. This is WIP Wednesday after all. The quilt has been folded waiting for a photo opp since Monday.

I have had so much help with this quilt. How lucky am I to have such sweet readers and to have so much inspiration from quilters around the world and who makes  time to share their knowledge and ideas: 
  • When I had doubts about the layout Stephanie, Betty  and Tamara kindly nudged me to stay on track and continue.
  • Molly suggested a circle quilting pattern and I loved that idea
  • Betty recently finished a fantastic quilt with circles and she was as always kind enough to guide me on how to make the circles and point me to several circle quilting resources
  • The back was pieced with left-over blocks and dark grey – very much inspired by Faith’s of Fresh Lemons Modern Quilts. Her quilt is way prettier than mine - I had lots of the solid grey in my blocks and bordered it with a darker grey. All in all it ended up looking very different.
All in all it's a lovely quilt and it has grown on me. A lot. It's a bit different with all the spots and now a zebra striped border. I just hope my nephew will like it to as it is a gift for his confirmation next weekend. Hopefully he has a sense of humour - after all the massive amount of polka dots and tiger stripes is not for everyone.
Finishing this quilt gives me an opportunity to focus on some of my many WIP's. Hopefully there will be more good news soon. Meanwhile be sure to check out other great WIP projects at Lee's blog
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced 


  1. I think polka dots and tiger stripes work just fine with each other. Lovely quilt!

  2. I love this, and I think polka dots and tiger stripes work just fine together too.

  3. Oh wow, what a beautiful finish- I am so glad I could help you decide how to quilt this and it came out just lovely! I love your binding and backing as well and all in all think this is just a lovey quilt- great work!

  4. I love it!
    It's such an increadable simple pattern and you've made a work of art from it!
    Well done YOU!

  5. Graphic and fabulous! I agree with Betty.

  6. Gorgeous quilt - the quilting is fab.

  7. I think the polka dots totally make it awesome! What a great quilt!

  8. Very fun! I love all the dots and strips & nice job on the back!

  9. love this quilt, so fun, the polka dots are just awesome :-)

  10. This is a fabulous quilt - thanks for the inspiration!!!