Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wednesday WIP

Did I miss last week Wednesday WIP. Think I did… My Google Reader tells me I have close to 200 unread quilt posts and I feel totally out of the loop these days. Life is very hectic around here. Some major deadlines and an unexpected extra project at work are to blame. Oh well, the Christmas holiday will be here soon and that’s okay with me. A bit more than OK actually…. Enough whining and on to the WIP’s for this week. I am working on 3 quilts right now

I  made a background for the Star quilt, basted it and have started quilting it. No pictures - sorry - but I think this will be one of my all-time favourite quilts.

I almost finished hand quilting the circle quilt. Unfortunately  it was starting the fray a little on the edges and since I don’t have much fabric to cut of I decided to add the border now and finish up the last three circles later. Spray basting is great that way. You know the fabric will not move once it’s basted.

This week I also re-organized my sewing area and I love it. . I got a new table. It’s actually our old dining room table without the extensions and it great to have a larger area to work at. I now have my big cutting mat and my little pressing iron right next to the machine. The chair is my great-grandmother's. It was in my Mothers loft and when she moved she didn't want to to bring it, so I got to take it home.

I love my little corner… really do. It’s in the basement – right next to the stairs up to the kitchen/dining room. It means that I am still a part of what goes on in the house even when sewing. The only disadvantage is the natural daylight. There is next to none. I had an option of using another room with huge windows but it felt too secluded from the rest of the house so I’d rather have this one and then buy some decent lightning. 

I started organizing my scraps in some old CD shelves. It's perfect because I can sort the scraps in colors and it's easy to see get an overview of what I have.

And that’s about the progress I have made... Next I need to get started on a back for the diamonds quilt as it is supposed to go under the tree in just a few weeks. Speaking of which….I haven’t gotten as far as to decorate for Christmas yet except for hanging the kids Christmas stockings in the kitchen. Before I started quilting I used to do some embroidery. I made the first stocking for son #1 and it was of course ready for his first Christmas. When son #2 announced his arrival I started another stocking. It was ready when he was 6!  I think it’s a god thing I don’t have more kids as they would probably have to make their own stocking ;) 

Luckily I can see I am far from the only busy quilter around. Lee has postponed all Wednesday WIP's until January. Still, for me it's a great to get an mid-week overview so I'll do mine this week anyway  :)

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  1. Hi Cille, Love the sewingspace, pity about the lack of daylight. Did you know there are special lamps for that? They're expensive, but 1 lamp would be a TREAT. I have a small portable of the brand: Daylight
    I love the circle quilt! I'm so tempted to make one myself, but in 2012 perhaps.
    I also love the new qal you've joined! I'm in too now.
    Good luck on all your projects; I have to make a move on too.

  2. Love your circle quilt, the binding is really pretty too.
    What a nice space to sew in, it would be nice if you had some natural light though.
    I started an embroidery for my girlfriends daughter when she was born. I found it in a cupboard recently. I was going to embroider her name but I only did the first three letters. Her daughter is 25 now and my friend had three more children. I don't think I'll bother finishing it!

  3. I still love that circle quilt, and how you've done it with the hand quilting! It's looking fantastic. Also looking forward to seeing your finished star quilt!!

    That room is fantastic--and I agree with you. I don't like being isolated from the rest of the house when I do my sewing!

  4. Hi! Your sewing room looks prefect! Everything in their places in order and just ready to start to create! Great idea to use cd shelves.
    Have a lovely Christmas time! x Teje

  5. Those CD shelves would be perfect for fat quarters too - and they're usually pretty cheap, and fit into weird little spaces... hmm... might just have to invest in one (or maybe two). I also love the circle quilt - great to see it almost finished, and look forward to seeing your star quilt progress.