Sunday, 4 September 2011

'Birds meet Bento' is done

The rebellious 'Birds meet Bento' quilt is finally done. I love how the pattern turned out and the colors as well. But the quilting - oh boy - I absolutely hate it. The way I see it the quilting ruined the quilt. I think that is why it took so long for me to complete it. Once I started there was no going back and I just had no desire to work on it. The Bento boxes are quilted with 'Stitch in the ditch' so they pop and the appliques are quilted in a criss-cross pattern. A mess basically  ;)

For the backing I used some fabric I purchased in a bargin a while ago. It's been laying around and just waited for the right project. Because the front was boxes and applique I decided the back should have the same although differently, so I made applique leafs and the whipped up some fast boxes with the 90 degree ruler. The pictures does not show the back very well - you'll need to click to enlarge it - but I love how it turned out. Both my boys actually prefers the back over the front. We'll need to have a serious chat about that at some point ;)

The quilt is a small sofa quilt - 65x65 inches. The wadding is 'left over' wool from another project and the quilt will be perfect for the cool winter evenings. If I can overlook the actual quilting that is  ;)

The fabric is a mix of FQ bundles I found at my local QS, the backing is 'Modern Mix' by Jennifer Young, and the binding is from Moda's 'Oh My'.


  1. It may have taken a while to finish but I think it looks fabulous and what a lovely surprise when you turn it over. I've always done plain backings, but I am going to put something different on the the backs of some of my quilts in future.

  2. Don't be so harsh on yourself! I really like it - both sides!

  3. Oh gosh I love how you used the bento box pattern with applique. Clever and so beautiful in blue and white. And I'm a big fan of patchy backings.