Sunday, 28 August 2011

Kaffe Fasset - Sashed Boxes Quilt

Kaffe Fasset's version of an old hexagon quilt... I beginning to think I might be in over my head. But if I manage to get my head above water at some point it could end up being a stunner.


  1. I agree with you -- that will definitely be a stunner!

  2. ....LOLOL....oh yes....the feeling of can happen even when you are quilting, but I think you are swimming through this one pretty good!!!

  3. I am making the sashed boxes quilt and finding that the diamond pieces don't fit together when you assemble them into the cube shape. Did you find this problem. I even made paper diamonds to test the pattern in case I had created misshapen blocks as I sewed but the paper blocks had the same problem.
    Hope to hear from you as I am super disappointed that this is not working.