Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hand pieced star quilt is done

I present to you the hand pieced star quilt. My Mum and I started it this winter entrigued by the thought of making a quilt together despite living in different countries. Can't say that the road wasn't bumpy. Can't say it was easy-peasy. But that we're done it does not seem so bad after all.

Although I like modern prints we went for an old fashioned look and used small FQ of different blue and brown colors.

It's 175x175 cm so quite a large sofaquilt - and that how it will be used once we decide who should have it. Right now we both want the other one to take it, so in reality it is a poor, homeless quilt. I'm more stubborn than my Mum so lets see  ;)

We decided to use wool rather than cotton so its light as a feather and very comfy. It is machine quilted - very basic - just around the stars. The effect is that the stars 'pop'.

As a final litte fun feature we decided to sign the quilt. We each wrote our names so the letters came out different. I think it adds to the personality of the quilt.


  1. It's beautiful!
    How about sharing it: 2 months on your sofa and then 2 months on your mum's sofa ...?

  2. I love it! Doesn't it make it special that you both worked on it? Some of my most treasured quilts are the ones that Mom and I made together.