Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Getting ready for pinwheels

After the quilt for my friend I decided that learning some basics would a really good idea. Not kidding... I tend to just jump in head first and make it up as I go. So I'm forcing myself to learn some quilt basics at this point.
I’ve done enough stars for a while now so I’m going to give it a go with pinwheels.  I was planning to join this quilt-a-long  but due to some unforeseen events it might be delayed or not happen at all so I might just go ahead on my own. We’ll see in the next couple of days.
Here are the fabrics I’m thinking of using. They have a retro feel and the colors are dusted blues, greens and chocolate brown. I found various bits and pieces in my local quilt shop. The more colorful ones are Hab-i-tat (a philosophy...a refuge) while some of the solids are from Moda.

It will be fun - looking forward to get started.

I also just bought a lot of Prince Charming and Heirloom (citrine color) fabric and are planning to do a more modern quilt after this one. But my mind is going in thousand different directions at this point and I have no idea what I will end up doing. I see so many fun and beautiful quilts out there that I want to make.


  1. Hi Cille, have just found your blog through Lynnes small blog meet-up and so pleased to see some gorgeous quilts! I also love Camilles patterns and I notice you have the material obsession books and Sarah fielke's book in your library - that last one in particular is my current favourite! And love your hand pieced stars - just beautiful! I'll be back to visit you again! Danielle x

  2. Hello Cille,
    Just popped in to say hello. I'm making my way through all the blogs on Lynne's Small Blog List.
    You do amazing work on your quilts and I love your colour choices.

  3. Hi Cille, you are probably the closest one of the new blogger friends ;-) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment and no, it's absolutely no problem if you comment in English! I just read that your July was just as bad as ours. My famliy in Texas is suffering from the heat and here in Berlin we never put away the "winter" clothes. Your quilts look great! Hej-hej! Sana ;-)

  4. Hi Cille, I'm here too.
    And I must say: you are a busy bee: a quilt a month?
    What you[ve made so far I luv!
    All of them!
    I'm not that much into knitting, because my shoulders ache after 15 minutes: I know, I'm too cramped in my posture.
    I think a lot of Danish women were born quilting!