Saturday, 19 March 2011

For my friend

This spring I gave a very special friend a blanket - she and I go way back. I didn't plan she should have it until I was in the midst of piecing it together. By then it seemed obvious.

It was all made from fabric I bought a long time ago. I never really get started on it because I didn't think the colors were that great after all. But I decided that I should use the fabric before buying more, so I hung the fabric pieces on my wall . After having starred at them for a good two weeks time I decided that a turquise would do the trick. Luckily my local quilt shop had just the right color.

When I started there was no masterplan. I made it up as I went along - one line at a time. Looking at the pictures now I see however that I was greatly inspired by one of the blankets in Material Obsesssions. Especially the appliques. I saw the instruction for the pinwheels at Missouri Quilt Company

The learning I took away from this was that even if you are feestyling, it has never harmed anyone to learn the basics and measure beforehand. This was my first try doing pinwheels and half square triangels. I should have looked for a tutorial for the half square triangles as well to ensure they had the right size instead of trying to figure out a way myself.

It is to be honest not a blanket that very I'm proud of in a technical way, but emotion wise I love it. It gave me some insights and most importantly - she loved it too. It suits her prefectly because it has a lot of hearts. And illustrates that eventhough life can seem confusing it all comes together in the end.

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