Saturday, 13 August 2011

Birdie Nam Nam...

The last blocks are decided and made - birds it is. Here a picture before I made the birds legs and border. It was so windy outside I asked my sons to hold the quilt up. That however meant they were forced away from their computer and tv for half a minute and that did not go down well. The odd postures are their way to protest. Sigh... it will be a brutal wake up for them when school starts next week.

I made the legs right after. Dug out my embroidery box that has been hidden away for the past 5 years or so. I had forgotten just how many wonderful colors there were:

Today I also started cutting old stash into 2x4 inches blocks. A 'Flying Geese' is underway. I think this willl be for my yongest son so its a project I will be working on when he is not around so I expect slow, slow progress.

This is the reason I'll stop cutting tonight... or the reason I should get myself an Go Cutter. I'll survive though. It looks worse than it is.



  1. Ouch that looks awful, your finger, not the quilt.
    I love the bird shape you have chosen. The quilt looks amazing.

  2. Great idea: put a bird on it!!
    The boys will recover, they always do.
    After 30 seconds they've forgotten it.
    It looks great! and it's quite big too!
    Looking forward to the new project: nice boyish colours
    Nasty cut; you're not lefthanded, that's the main thing.
    But you can feel it for a loooooong time: a smal cut on your finger.

  3. Looking at that cut makes me feel sick but I cant take my eyes of it. I hope it will heal soon. But looking at the quilt makes me better ;-) Cute boys! The colors of the new quilt look nice.

  4. I have suffered the same injury in the past - twice. My husband recently purchased for me one of these gloves I have to say I find it quite comfortable to wear. It fits either hand.

    Oh, and I love the bird design.