Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wednesday WIP

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Before moving on the this weeks Wednesday WIP (and the lack of progress on my parts) go over to Connecting Threads who are are having a compitition. The winner gets to design a fabric line. If you have not voted for Wednesday WIP's host Lee's fabric already, then hurry up and do it. I love the color combinations in the sample and would love to see a whole line from her hands.

And now back to this weeks update...

This week was very, very busy with both boys starting school, getting into the routines and an insane amount of projects at work. But I made a little progress with the quilts though.

The quilt I play the most with is the 'Bird's meet Bento' aka the 'Plan-as-you-go" quilt. It's a lot of fun and I'm *this* close to finishing it. Because I am dead tirred at night these days the quilting is taking a lot longer than I prefer. Can't wait until this quilt is ready to snuggle with on the couch....

Other than that I picked up my birthday gift up today and I have a lot of fun playing with different options. Although I intended to use Heirloom for Swoon I considering to use Prince Charming instead because I've got more options for dark/bright color combinations. No final decision just yet. I'm not in a hurry and really should finish off some of the other projects first anyway. Well, at least I have good intentions :)
So here's the status of this week:
  ’Birds meet Bento’
  • The bird blocks are made
  • Backing made
  • I started quilting.
  • Picked out the binding - it is some 'Oh My' from Moda that I had in my stash. The little leftover will go into the 'Flyiing Geese quilt'

Stash ‘Flying geese’
I’m cutting away and have gotten to the deep end of my stash. Tho colors are bright and plentiful - lots of orange, turquise, brown and blues. I will combine with solid Moda Snow (off white). I think it will be perfect cutting the million or so sqaures when when I'm supervising the boy's homework.

‘Stars quilt’
I finished this some weeks ago but now it's even washed, dried and ready to give away. It will be perfect for my frinds summer house and her two princess daughters will put it to good use I am sure  J

Hand sewn stars quilt.

  • Quilting in progressing slowly. But hey, I did manage to pick out a binding this week


  1. Your birds in bento quilt is very unique and very pretty. What a great idea! Both of your star quilts are pretty, too!

  2. Love both your star quilts.
    I really like how you are quilting Birds Meet Bento and the binding is going to look fabulous.

  3. Birds Meet Bento! I love it! That's a really beautiful top. And thanks for the plug for my Connecting Threads entry! Fingers crossed!

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  4. Eg likte begge stjernequiltane dine. Ha ei fin helg. Helsing Jofrid.