Friday, 17 June 2011

Mr. Green and I are not best of friends…

The fabric for my Freebird backing and binding came today and I managed to get the kids too bed early so I could  sew the back. Bad Mommy!  I will hopefully be able to baste and quilt over the weekend – that is if my kids decide to behave themselves and provide entertainment to each other.

While waiting for the backing to come from the UK I started a new quilt. Pink and green. These are VERY unusual colors for me – don’t think I have ever made something pink before. To me it screams sun, summer, strawberries and enjoying a glass of cool white wine with my sweetheart. I made some simple blocks and then decided I needed a  bright green solid to go with it. Very sure of myself I went to the local quilt store WITHOUT the blocks and picked out the green.
Of course it turned out it was too bright, too yellow and thus didn’t have the effect I was looking for.  This is not the first time I mess up with green. Seems like Mr. Green and I have a little problem. Opposite Mr. Blue and me - we rarely (if ever) mess up.
It’s not really as bad as the pictures display. It is greener in ‘real life’ but no matter what it was not going to work. So the summer blanket is on hold for a little while longer - at least until I can drag myself to the store again..
Meanwhile I found another fabric piece I bought a while ago – and luckily it looks perfect with the green. And adding a little of my trustful Kaffe Fasset teal  only makes it better.  This could end up being a really good quilt…

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