Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Busy Wonderful June

June has been busy. Lots of school activities, sports and birthday parties. No complaints from me although it meant less time sewing. My youngest turned 8 and this is the amazing cake my SIL made him. Since it was last day of school that day also the theme was 'Summer Holiday' - is the snowman sun bathing not just too funny?

We went to Sweden over the weekend and celebrated no less than two birthdays - my sons and my brothers. Besides the opportunty to be with my family I was also able to work a bit on the star quilt. It is almost there :) Almost. Just need to piece the two parts together and I can start adding borders. My brave Mom (yes, the woman who never quilted before and dived right in the deep end with a huge hand quilt) and I decided the border colors and we also went though different quilting options. Will most likely end up with quilting just around and inside the stars to keep it simple.

I am halfway done with quilting the instant satisfaction quilt. Not so instant after all since life all of a sudden became very busy. I decided however that I will keep the quilt myself - first time I dont give it away. Moda Freebird was the first fabric line I completely fell in love with so I feel something special for this quilt. Can't wait to snuggle up on my couch with it. That is if my cats don't beat me to it. They seem to have a preference for sleeping on quilts no matter what line of fabric it is ;)


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