Friday, 10 June 2011

Coming Home

A little update on the ‘Coming Home’ quilt….The colors are a bit on the wild side but I can’t help loving it even though. 

I finished the blocks and just ordered fabric for the border and backing. I was planning to do a 5x6 block quilt but decided I wanted a square instead so I made another row today and it's now 6x6. It will take a weeks time before the border fabric comes so I will have plenty of time to plan a back. Or I could just go ahead and start a new quilt  ;)
Do you know the feeling of a detail that always catches your eyes? For me it is the green block in the top row. One of them has a white dot that blends in with the neutral background. Arghhh! Why did I not see this when I laid up the blocks?
I had a bit of a struggle picking the color for the border. The quilt it self is very intense. Wanted to go red to frame it a bit but they were is sold out (have to get it from the UK for tax reasons) so I opted for a green border instead.

Funny thing I noticed today while sewing was that the Freebird fabric matches the poster I have over my table perfectly. Isn’t that funny? Guess I must really like the Freebird colors :) 


  1. It's beautiful. We're always critical of our own work and see things that others don't. Great colors.

  2. I am returning your visit to my blog and I have looked at all your posts. You have made some really beautiful quilts and I like your white dot merging with the background very much! The stars quilt too is going to be stunning!