Saturday, 26 July 2014

Last quilt ?

While adding borders, I'm thinking this will be the last quilt i ever make - it looks too good on my wall and totally brightens up my sewing room, so I don't want to ever want to take it down again :)

Nah just kidding... Once quilting get to you there's no stopping. I have another idea for a kaleidescope quilt I have to try at some point. I'm really getting hooked on this block.

Pattern: Saltwater Taffy from the book Uncommonly Corduroy by Stephanie Dunphy.


  1. It is absolutely beautiful.

  2. You could always install a quilt hanger above your design wall. Then when you are not using your design wall, you can hand a quilt. That is what I have wanted to do. It looks so good, I can understand why you want to keep it there.

  3. Second try leaving a comment. This has a bohemian vibe and it's absolutely fabulous. I am really looking forward to your next kaleidoscope.