Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Colour explosion

Update: Auch... I'm being hit in the head by Mr. Nemesis, for assuming I didn't misplace the pieces. Looking at the pictures below I realised that I did manage to screw up despite my perkiness and the needle. Second last block buttom row from the right. See it? Happy to say the grey in now in the right place. Funny how you see things in a picture that you don't notice when standing in front of the real piece.

I'm totally wind up and excited this morning...  I finished piecing the blocks for the centre of Saltwater Taffy fom the book Uncommonly Corduroy. What a colour explosion, right?

It went together smoothless and I didn't have to unpick anything, which is good considered I misplaced my seam ripper and my LQS is closed this week.  A little trick I used to make sure I added the right corner triangles was to place a needle in the top wedge. This way you can twist and turn and still be sure what's up and down, left and right. I don't know if it's so obvious that everybody is already doing it? I think it overall saved me a lot of time .

I enlarged the template a little so the blocks ended up 10 3/4"

Now on to piecing the blocks and consider options for the borders.


  1. I do this lots. Funny how it can be so obvious yet so easy to miss. Love the colours so much though!!

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  3. The unpicker is my best friend 😜