Saturday, 21 June 2014

15 days challenge update

Well, 5 days before deadline it suddenly dawned on me that I was in a kind off hurry. Like seriously kind of hurry. Work load didn't drop as expected and I also had a huge work presentation for a large external audience on Thursday (which went well, thank goodness). But all work things are now checked off my list and today I dived into the pile of fabrics and finished the top. 

I'm not very happy about it to be honest. The colors doesn't really work their magic. I should have paid more attention to light/dark and not only greens and greys. This is what happens when you don't put much effort and thought into planning.  Lesson learned! I think the quilting will help accentuate the pattern and outline the waves there is (though hard to see in the pictures) - fingers crossed - if not I may just have wasted a whole lot of fabric and Jens won't get his quilt on his birthday.

Anyways, enough rambling... This is what it looked like at noon today

And how it looks now

It measures app 60x80. 

Tomorrow I'll baste it and start quilting, I got Monday night to finish the quilting and Tuesday night to do the binding. That's doable, right?


  1. Well I think it's very handsome and there is so much unexpected movement. I like it, a lot! :o) I would need a month to quilt and 4 days to bind. Best of luck!

  2. It is so frustrating when colour choices don't turn out how we imagined in our heads. So OK, it doesn't look like the pattern - but it does look interesting... and (best of all) it doesn't look terrible. It looks to me like something a teenage boy would be very happy with. Perhaps try to quilt it so that it suits what you've created, rather than trying to make it look more like the pattern? I'm with Stephanie though... I'd still be quilting it next year :0)