Sunday, 8 June 2014

15 days challenge accepted

Sorry I went off the grid for so long. I had a huge work project and has literally been working non-stop for the last two weeks - literally night and day. Meanwhile my poor Pfaff has been badly neglected and has been all covered up on my sewing table with an empty design wall as background. 

However, there's light at the end of the tunnel and the worst is over. The launch went well and the project was well-received. So having slept most of yesterday away and catching up, today I counted the days until my youngest 11th birthday... 15 days! 

And I realised that he really wanted a quilt to match his brothers (which literally has replaced a duvet since January and is contantly being dragged to the sofa as well). Seeing the love Sven-C has for his quilt, how can I not grant Jens the same gift. He's really into very few colors right now and quite manly quilts. He keeps telling me he's NOT a princess... Like I don't already know  *big sigh*.

So it all comes down to this... I got 15 days to create something big, soft, boy like and wonderful for him. 

Challenge accepted. I'm going for waves in grey and greens... I started off with a pile of HTS - still to be trimmed. 

A lot of squares have been cut.

And I'm going with this pattern but bigger of course. Waves from Modern Neutrals by Amy Ellis.

Definatly a do-able project I think. I personally would have preffered a bit more playfulness and less strictness... But this one is for Jens and I think he will love this pattern. My littlelist little man :) 


  1. Looking forward to your finish! I'm sure you'll finish in time!

  2. Wowzer that's a tall order to fill. :o) Perfect for your tall birthday "boy." Looking forward to seeing how the colors play with the pattern.

  3. I bet it will turn out great. Good luck!!

  4. Hi Cille! Looks great plan! I'm sure he will love this manly quilt! x Teje

  5. Sounds like a good plan! Good luck with all the work, can’t wait to see more photo’s!

  6. Definitely doable! Good luck! :-)