Saturday, 5 April 2014

Quilting detour

Today I made a little quilting detour - decided to finish a project I shelfed last year. It was the scrappy trip top, which sadly ended up with only 5x5 square and was too small. You know how we like big  quilts around here...

Also, I love the Sweetwater Hometown line, but it's really difficult to match with other fabrics and as I ran out of fabric after 25 block, the top ended up  60x60 inches:

However, when cutting the linnen for the fan quilt I suddenly thought of a really simple solution. The linnen goes great with the Hometown line and also has an interesting tactile feeling that's adds some interest. 

Today was the day to carry out my idea. I was at my quilting group and could use the big basting table we have there for cutting the big pieces of fabric. 

Bad picture alert - just came home with the top folded and no time to iron it or hang up. It was either daylight or ironing. You know how it is. 

I think (hope) it is straighter than it appears on the picture. I haven't basted it yet, so time will tell. Had to cut the linnen on the bias so I was really careful not to pull it when adding the red border.

It's huge - haven't measured it but guessing around 90-95 inches each way. The linnen will require a lot of quilting, but I have a plan and right now I'm thinking this project will end up much better (and much bigger) than first anticipated. 


  1. I love it when you have a plan. What a fantastic solution and so much more interesting too! Bigger is better, right?

  2. Excellent solution - I know what you mean about matching up Sweetwater fabrics - they have very unusual colourings that just don't play happy with other fabrics. Can't wait to see what your quilting ideas turn out to be :0)

  3. ooooo!! Awesome quilting potential there in the open spaces. That linen sure did solve the problem perfectly. :)

  4. I love most of the Sweetwater fabric lines, but indeed, they are often not easy to combine with other fabrics. Linen always works, doesn’t it? A great solution!