Thursday, 6 March 2014

A great idea... The iron-caddy-board

I'm slowly adapting to my  new no-time-for-quilting-and-blogging-because-work-is-crazy lifestyle. And true to this style I now want to share a finish, that has actually been finished for a while. 
I was recently in beginning of February at a craft fair and saw a pattern for an iron caddy. I immediately thought of my friend Heidi and the two of us standing for a long time in a cold parking lot aftner a quilting class not too long ago, waiting for her iron to cool of before she could put it in the car. 
So I got this for her and in no time I had made the caddy, which also double function as a transportable iron board. Genious!
The pattern is from and holds enough bible quotes to make a girl like me blush. Well, bible quotes aside the pattern is really great. It comes with the heat resistant fabric included, so it's a bit pricier than other patterns.
The pattern it self was fairly easy. Reading through the pattern, I thought it was going to be more difficult than it was once I got started and did it step-by-step. In reality I had the bag ready in a few hours - including doing the binding.

I made the caddy in some Lark fabric. Heidi likes orange and green - I like blue. Perfect!  :) Now I'm just contemplating if I can live without one myself or not.


  1. I'm getting a visual of you two standing in the cold, holding a hot iron. At least it could be a heat source for a short while! I had to laugh about the bible quotes as I was wondering if the pattern was difficult, causing swearing, and the quotes were to help keep you calm. :o) It's such a clever pattern and I love the colors. Great job and gift. Yes, you'll be needing one too.

  2. Great idea and looks beautiful! Have a lovely weekend Cille! x Teje