Monday, 10 February 2014

A crazy, large finish...

I've finished the bed quilt - finally. As I'm typing this I'm actually away skiing in Italy but managed to snap a few pictures before we left on Saturday. This afternoon I'm staying home at the hotel with my youngest, who stretched something in his knee yesterday and is ordered of the skies today, so I thought I would just post the last pictures of the quilt to make time pass a little faster :) The sweet little bugger is luckily already much better after a days rest, so I'm hoping we will all hit the slopes again tomorrow.

I loved making this quilt (most of the time anyway) and I love how it turned out. What I don't love is the way it photographs. The blue color just never is quite right, not deep enough... So you gotta trust me and take my word for it. It is really a stunning blue and fits perfectly with the Lark fabric.

In the centre a large EPP piece that I started 1,5 years ago. I remember that I sewed everywhere that summer! The pattern is the classical Ferris Wheels made from hexagons, squares and triangles.

Then I made two borders from the great book Moden Blocks. I'd did take a while to select them, but am glad about the outcome. The Lattice block in particular. I asked my quilting bee to make some of the blocks, but unintentionally they seemed a bit difficult to make, so I don't think my block was the most popular of choices...

I finally selected the Pogo Stick block as the last border making this the largest quilt to date. The king size alone made the quilting intimidating, so I asked the wonderful quilter Diane ( to help me. I think her quilting of this one is breathtaking and it exactly the icing of the cake I was hoping for. It wasn't easy for her because the lattice blocks wasn't all completely even, but seriously, she managed to hide it completely. She really deserves a medal.

The only one not so happy is DH, who is now forced to either get up before me OR make the bed every morning. But then, one can't have it all, right ;)


  1. One of the most gorgeous and original quilts I've see lately. I hope you're all happily skiing by now and no more ski "accidents."

  2. It's a ginourmous (expansive, vast, large beyond belief) stunner!!
    Have a. Great skiing holiday!

  3. That quilt is beautiful and really very huge! Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday and no more injuries.

  4. The quilt is a real stunner and the quilting adds to the beauty1

    Enjoy your Winterholiday!

  5. Wonderful quilt, nice colors, and beautiful quilting.