Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Near my mothers place in Sweden, right next to a beautiful lake, Diane lives. Besides the beautiful view and a quilt on the barn, she has a long arm :)

When I was in Sweden last weekend, I took my kingsize quilt to her. She kindly invited us to her house and we had the most inspirational afternoon I've had in a long time. Not only did she pull out one beautiful quilt after the other, served amazing homemade cakes - no - she also encouraged us to try the long arm. Needless to say I was petrified but it was actually so much fun.

This afternoon (yes - 4 days later) a mail dropped into my inbox showing me pictures of the finished quilt. I think flabbergasted I'd the word that first comes to mind. I can't stop starring on the picture and want to go back to Sweden to pick it up right away.

Just a peek on the background - the color is off. It is actually blue.

I mean... It's not just gorgeous. It beautiful, perfect and beyond. The lattice border proved very difficult and I had expected the quilt to be somewhat wobbely, but Diane has worked wonders with it. Thank you Diane for making this quilt come to life with your wonderful quilting and for improving it so much.

Size: Kingsize (2,5 x 2,5 metres)
Batting : 80/20
Fabric: Amy Butler's Lark and Kona Dresden Blue
Pattern: Centre is handpieced EPP, the borders are from the book 'Modern Quilts'


  1. Beautiful quilt and gorgeous quilting!

  2. The quilting is amazing! It adds to the beauty of your quilt!

  3. Hi Cille! It is amazing! Your pattern and fabrics are most beautiful and the quilting makes it alive! I see something sweet in your photo - Mariskol glass bowls from Marimekko! x Teje

  4. What fun! And the quilting totally does your quilt justice! Can't wait to see your photos of it all complete!

  5. Well you made an incredibly gorgeous quilt and Diane worked her magic. A fabulous job.

  6. Now you have your entry for the Spring festival, this is lovely!