Sunday, 13 October 2013

French coffe press cozy tutorial

Here's an idea for a super fast and easy present - perfect for a quick gift for the hostess or as an extra little fun thing under the Christmas tree. Or even something for yourself  :)

The coffee presser is the most commeon way to make coffee here in Denmark. Bodum is a Danish brand,  but I know it is pretty common also in the States. The tutorial can easily be adapted to other brands and sizes as well. 

As much as I love my coffee made this way, I feel the coffee cools too quickly in the presser. I like my coffee warm, so I made a coffe sleeve/cozy/warmer today. I dont know if anyone agrees that warm is better than cold, but just in case, here's a quick and easy way to make your own.

This tutorial is for the middle size Bodum - 5-6 cups of coffee - be sure to measure the circumference and height of you coffe pot and adjust accordingly. The larger size is 8-10 cups of coffee. You can easily make that one too with the same directions. Only difference is the size of the batting, background and top which I've written in paranthasis with red (like this)

  • Scrap fabrics
  • Thermo batting
  • Velcro

  1. Cut a piece of thermo batting 15 x 8 inches (17 x 8 inches)
  2. Make the front with the QAYG methods using your favorite scraps. Alternatively cover the batting with one piece of fabric and quilt it the way ou like it.
  3. Trim the piece to 13 x 6½ inches (15 x 6½ inches)
  4. Cut a 2,5 x 6 inched fabric for the flap. Fold it on the long side right sides together. Sew along the long edges and leave the short edge (2,5 inch) open
  5. Turn and press the flap.
  6. Cut a 2 inch piece of your velcro, seperate the velcro sides and place the softer of the two strips on the flap in the centre. Sew along the edge to fasten it.
  7. Cut the background fabric 13 x 6½ inches. (15 x 6½ inches)
  8. On the table first place the front side facing up. Place the flap with the velcroside up in the center aligning the raw edges. Secure with a pin.
  9. Now place the background fabric on top of the front side , right sides together.
  10. Pin and sew along the edges leaving a 3 inch gap in the opposite side of where you placed the flap.
  11. Turn the coffe warmer inside out - be sure to 'poke' the corners with a pencil or hera marker.
  12. Press and quickly handstitch the 3 inch opening to close it.
  13. Sew a 1/8 inch all around the main part of the coffe warmer (not the flap)
  14. Test it on your coffee pot and mark where you wan the other side of the velcro placed, mark and attach the velcro with stitches.
  15. Cut all threads, call your best friend(s)  and go put on the kettle. 


  1. That is my daughter's favorite coffee maker. She has a little one just for her morning coffee. :o) Clever coffee warmer. Great tutorial. May I say that I also love your built in cabinets.

  2. I too prefer my coffee hot!! Great idea making a coffee press warmer. Looks awesome!

  3. Great idea! So pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful and functional! I love me some French Pressed coffee!

  5. Great gift idea! I want to make one (at least) for my son. He is usually so hard to buy for, but he loves his French Press coffeepot. Thanks.

  6. Tak for din kommentar på min blog - så jeg nu er opmærksom på din og har dig med på min blog-liste og i blog-lovin!