Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Wednesday WIP...

It's Wednesday again and the decision to dive into my WIPs has resulted in no less than two finished tops this week:

This 100x100 inch thing was too tall for my usual quilt holder helpers  to hold up, so we had to hang it over the railing from the back of the house. I'm now looking into getting it long armed quilted. It's going to cost me big bucks (and I'm trying hard not to think of all the fabric I could buy for that amount). Anyways... Happy as can be with this project. Especially after figuring out a solution to the corner blocks.  Pardon my minions quilt holders. They insisted on making making silly faces. I'ven been silently whispering 'This too is a phase and shall pass' to myself a lot lately. 

Another (and luckily smaller) top finished at 60x60 inches is the Scrappy Trip quilt made with the Hometown line. I need to get some background fabric before wrapping up the project. It looks like a donation to Siblings Together at this point.

So, you would think I'm out of WIP's right? So not true! I still have some projects that I ought to do:
- Diamond and chevron quilt (piecing)
- Finish the Blogger of the months quilt (basting and quilting)

And I even also have some NEW projects my fingers are itching to get started on

- LongJohn quilt with these fabrics

Be sure to check by Lee's Wednesday WIP for some great projects.


  1. Congrats on that big ol' quilt! Clever corner treatment! I love the pastel scrappy!!

  2. It's huge! And beautiful!
    And a great STquilt!
    And great cliff hangers for all of us: Roundhouse quilt??

  3. Found it: going to be a magnificent quilt too

  4. visiting from WIP wednesday. Wow you are busy and that first quilt is HUGE

  5. Wow Cille, the quilt is huuuuge... and beautiful! Love the corners! Isn’t it funny that we always spend our money buying fabrics more easily? I’ve learned to appreciate longarm quilting, even if it’s expensive. It’s the icing on the cake!
    Love that Roundhouse quilt!

  6. Really a fabulous quilt -- and I just love your quilt holders. :o) I'm super excited to see your Long Johns as I love your color palette. So many projects to work on, so little time! Have fun.