Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wednesday WIP... design wall and sorting fabrics

Time for my weekly WIP update.

I have a new project on my design wall - the Roundhouse quilt by Tracejay, that I cut fabrics for a few weeks back. It goes together in no time, but laying out takes a little more time. Lots of fun though - I enjoy playing with the colors. I'm now moving into the blues now  :) My design wall however is full, so I need to start sewing together some rows before adding more blocks.

This week I finally decided to dive into sorting my fabrics as they were a mess and I had lots the overview of what i had. I realised (much to my surprise) that I have lots and lots of fabrics. Still have one basket to sort out with app. ten 1 yard pices, that I purchased on various great sales.
Everything less than a fat quarter goes on the CD shelves in color order. All fabrics ranging from fat quarters to one yard is sorted in the middle shelf. Most of them in color order but I also made some bundles with specific fabric bundles that I want to keep together for some reason or another.

To the left I have boxes with WIP's and - yes - a pile of WIP's and orphan blocks as well. The pile is getting smaller each week though ...
Not sure if the new system is better but at least there is a system  :)

So this week WIP list is this:
- Roundhouse quilt - Now piecing
- LongJohn - ready to cut
- Diamond and chevron quilt - still need to piece
- Blogger of the months quilt - needs basting and quilting
Linking up with Lee's wednesday WIP :) Please go and check out some great WIP's.


  1. Looks great! I like all those colors.

  2. The Roundhouse quilt looks great Cille!

  3. The Roundhouse quilt looks wonderful--I love the color gradation!

  4. It definitely sounds as if you have a "method to your madness." I have a hard time keeping fabrics organized. Great quilt on your design wall.

  5. Hi Cille! That looks fantastic! Exiting pattern to make colour areas and beautiful fabrics! x Teje

  6. Your design wall is looking seriously impressive! I love how your fabric is so visible. Do you need to worry about fading from the sun?

  7. It looks very nice from here (= afar)
    You boughtthe pattern, presumably. Did you also buy the template?

  8. Your design wall looks amazing! And your sewing space is lovely - reminds me it's time I got organised!