Saturday, 29 September 2012

Blogger's BOM last block

Oh happy day... This morning I finished my last Bloggers BOM block - the quilt-a-long hosted by  Jackie. This is the last block of the 12 blocks, which also means it's been a year since I started this project.  It's been so much fun and a great way to learn balancing colors, piecing and trimming. I can easily tell the blocks I first made from the later blocks.

Sarah Fielke choose the 'Star in a star' block. I loved the idea right away - even when I read the instructions and found out I was to piece triangles made from diagonally cut 1 7/8 inch squares. They are pretty small I should add! But besides feeling a bit clumsy with big hands, it went fine. And I have to say I think it goes perfectly with the rest of the blocks.

All the BOM blocks
Each time the kids pass my design wall I force them to express just how much they like it... Evil mom as I am. No seriously, I love, love, love how it turned out.

As usual I did two blocks in each a cool and a warm pallette (the cool looks a bit lopsided- must just be the way it hangs on the design wall - in real life it is straight):

Cool BOM september block
Warm BOM september block

Canton Village Quilt Works


  1. I love your color choices for this entire quilt. It really is a beauty!

  2. oh wow - the blocks look really wonderful! What an accomplishment!

  3. Now the momentous question - what are you going to do with all these lovely blocks?

  4. Hi Cille! I love your blocks! They can be so different dipending the fabrics - it's fun to try to find the pairs! This goes to my list! x Teje

  5. Love your blocks and fabric choices. So sad this BOM is coming to an end. I'm hoping the setting they show us next month really lets these blocks shine!