Thursday, 26 July 2012

BOM update

This week we're in Sweden visiting my family. Besides having a grand time it was a good chance to catch up on Jackie's Blogger's BOM, which I had fallen behind in making since... aehm... cough... May.

Normally I would just show a reallly boring picture with the blocks laying flat on a table... But today there were lots of kids around more than willing to help me taking some fun photos:


So I hereby give you the May blocks designed by Cathy @ Cabbage Quilts and presented by cousins Freja and Sara. June blocks  (Designed by PamKittyMorning) are presented by Malene and Sissel. The July blocks (designed by


  1. What a fun way to share your blocks. Adorable kids...every single one of them! I see a sneak peek of a gorgeous home in the background. :o)

  2. awesome! Keep having fun with family!

  3. Great idea, putting the kids in your pic! And what good sports they are. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my ironing table. That piece of fabric was the perfect size, I only cut a couple of inches off the sides. Wish I had more, I would share with you! I love your blog, Cille!