Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas gifts 2011

I’m finishing up all my Christmas projects… and all of a sudden I feel slightly panicky. There is a commercial on Danish TV right now about a man who makes homemade presents and it’s clear to everyone that it’s a pretty awfull thing to to do. Oh well, too late for that now. Let’s just hope the people I give presents to appreciate the gifts for what they are…. Little love letters and sign of appreciation..

My dear friend Susan got this (pattern: Sparkle plenty)

My funky niece will get this (pattern: Mod Circles Appliqued Baby Quilt)

Her awesome big brother, my Nephew Anders, is getting this :

This is a quilt for Christa, my Goddaughter (pattern: Pendant quilt)

Here are two pillows made of the scraps from the pendant quilt is for my friend Michala(who is Christa’s mother and also Godmother to my oldest)

A few purses that will be filled with little goodies for my nieces in Sweden. Freja’s will of corse have a wonderful bundle of fabric in it (see why)and Sara’s will have some earrings in it. (Pattern: Pouches)

And then there are key straps for everybody of course - this time with lots of polka dots. We can never have too many polka dots, right  :) (Pattern from Stephanie at Lofts Creations)


  1. What a very productive year you've had. Handmade gifts are the best--ignore the TV. You've made some very special treasures for friends and family.

  2. How beautiful all the gifts are that you have made - Happy Christmas - hugs Lurline♥

  3. Wonderful gifts! Wow I wish I was one of your favourite relatives!

  4. What a fantastic eye candy post! Great work.

  5. There are two types of homemade in this world and yours is the gorgeous, beautiful and received with love and amazement type! They are fantastic!! Happy holidays Cille!

  6. I'd be totally happy with any of those gifts. Those quilts are especially awesome. I will admit, I gifted 1 quilt, 3 pair of hand knit socks, and some small cosmetic bags for Christmas this year and I'm not sure how happy will be with them. But I know to me they mean more than just picking up something for them at the store just to fulfill what seems to have become a duty for the holiday.