Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A quick glance... Wednesday WIP

A lot of of work - both real work-work and a volunteer job - left preciously little time to quilt this week. I've really only worked on one quilt this week. What looked like this last Wednesday…

now looks like this:

It's 'Sparkle Plenty' from Stephanie at Lofts Creations. Instant sparkle if you ask me....
I managed to piece the remaining pieces yesterday evening and the top is done. If I only had enough batting to continue tonight...

I cut the squares 7" and 6,5" and ended up with a large quilt at approximately 70"x70". I've used a lot of different green scraps and despite not being sure about the colors in the beginning this quilt has really grown on me. I feel a tingle of excitement every time I look at it. It's a simple and stunning layout.

Wednesday means Wednesday WIP - stop by Lee's blog to see great lots of great WIP's
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced 

Unfortunately that’s pretty much it from me this week. I bring you the sad facts:

New projects: 0
Finished Projects : 0
Cool color diamonds - top was done last week and making the back is next on my agenda.
Warm color diamonds - half of the diamonds are pieced. No progress this week.
Nautical quilt with leftovers - no progress
Circle quilt - still hand quilting it and it's almost done....
Sparkle Plenty - finished the top
BOM - looking forward to the 25th where the next block will be out


  1. It's lovely. Do you already know how you want to quilt it?

  2. Its beautiful! That's wonderful progress!

  3. I love how your blocks that all of your patterned squares are all half square triangles as well. Vey beautiful!

  4. This is so beautiful - love all the scrappy greens!!

  5. Your Star Quilt is a real sparkler! Very pretty!

  6. Hate when I have no batting. I love this. Beautiful! And I noticed you have no wip's going. Wow. Good for you. Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt.

  7. Oh my gosh. That is so lovely. It made my pinterst board of favorite Quilts! Wonderful job!